Customer Partnerships

With a strong commitment to innovation, our outstanding team has the experience to explore novel methods for a wide range of clinical applications.

We partner with researchers and companies seeking improved systems and methods for performing site specific therapy using porous catheter technology.

Porous Hollow Fiber Catheter Design:

Porous Catheter systems can increase mass transfer by 600 times over conventional side–lumen or end–lumen catheter systems. The essence of porous catheter technology is that area/volume ratios are very large, and delivery and/or removal of substances by porous catheters in tissue cannot be matched with any other technology. The size and porosity of porous catheters offers several advantages over other systems.

Even Flow. Precise Delivery.

     – Redundancy of pores provides even delivery/removal
        along the length of the catheter porous segment.

     – Minimal interstitial flow velocity variance for
        equivalent volumetric flow rates provides broad and
        uniform drug delivery.

Low Shear Suction

     – Low tissue shear force for the magnitude of suction
        allows atraumatic negative pressure therapy.

Drug Fusion from Porous Catheter

Cross Section of Porous Catheter

Download Twin Star Medical’s “Microporous Catheters in Development”

Caution: Investigational device. Limited by U.S. federal law to investigational use.

Patents issued and pending.

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