Local infusion directly to tissue is a growing modality for treatment of infection, pain management and chemotherapeutic or other agents.

Twin Star’s proprietary microporous hollow fiber catheter technology provides great potential improvement in consistently and uniformly delivering therapeutics to tissue.

Catheter system concepts include possible use in short term delivery, or longer term indwelling catheter placement for chemotherapy or pain medications over defined treatment regimens.

This drug delivery technology could potentially be used in three broad classes of clinical conditions. Any combination of these three conditions may occur:

      • Impaired Microcirculation – Conditions such as
         ischemia, infection, trauma, or osteoradionecrosis,
         where the microcirculation is disrupted and thus the
         delivery of blood–borne agents is impaired.

      • Systemic Toxicity – Conditions when limitations
         on systemic dose, duration, or repetition are
         necessary because of systemic toxicity of agents
         such as antibiotics or antimetabolites.

      • Impermeable, Large, and/or Insoluble Agents
         Conditions in which large, poorly diffusible
         molecules (immunoglobulins, growth factors,
         enzymes, and genetic vectors) must be delivered
         to the interstitium.

Caution: Investigational device. Limited by U.S. federal law to investigational use.
Patents issued and pending.

Drug infusion in gel medium
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